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The Search: It´s about time

It took a long time, but the waiting finally was worth it. With their current album The Search For Connection Contact And Community the Swedish indie rockers The Search onece again proof, that their great reputation has good reasons. Much hapened during the last years and it almost seemed the band could be lost, but now The Search drive on again. Razmig Tekeyan, band founder and fixed star inthat cosmos, has informed us what happened in his universe during the last time.

Hey Razmig, thanks for your time. Your new album The Search For Connection Contact And Community has seen the light of day now, how do you feel about that right now?

Hello! Well, it's about time, that's how we feel. We're almost finished with the album after The Search For Connection Contact And Community, so we will probably release the next album next spring. in a way, I feel that i can finally go on with my life now that the album is released.

"I prefer a song that contains a song and not just an air of effects or attitude."

As I know, reactions here in Germany and all over Europe as well have been amazing so far, and we are just at the starting point. What else do you expect from that new release?

We're strangers to fame and success, so we're happy if this album will generate some gigs and a larger fanbase.

I was impressed by the tunes on The Search For Connection Contact And Community as well, but I think it´s the most calm and melancholic record you have done so far. What was your driving force while writing the songs?

Well, all the pop songs we rehearsed for the album got canned. They were just not good enough. At the time the songs were written, I was feeling lonely and isolated and I just needed other people in my life.

Was there any difference in the songwriting compared to your previous material?

No, i can't say there is. The songs are written at home by me, on the guitar. If the song doesn't sound good with only me and the guitar, then i leave it in the shoe-box of discarded songs. It's a very traditional way of writing.
I prefer a song that contains a song and not just an air of effects or attitude. Song-writing is very fascinating to me. It's not an excuse for playing with a band.

It is rather difficult to figure out a favourite song as The Search For Connection Contact And Community contains eleven almost perfect tracks. Did you have one you liked most from the beginning? And was there any difficult song you had to fight with while composing it?

Well, Silent Days turned out good. The chorus and the outro were taken from another song that didn't make it. I sometimes copy-paste stuff from different songs and try to make them fit together.
James, Jet, Kuchisake Onna are slow but strong songs that we all liked from the start.
From the Glass Jar, Manic Miner and Age of the Hermit are songs that I'm still not really sure about.
We tried different arrangements on those but I still can't say they are my favorites.

I have to say, your music has an erotic touch and seems to be perfect for romantic evenings or first dates. Do you believe your songs could influence the deepness of love between two people?

Wow, never though of that. Well, compared to a band like Black Flag i would say our music is a little more romantic and well-suited for those types of occasions.

Three and a half years went by since Saturnine Songs, a long time in the fast music business. But a little bird tweeted me you are just working on new material again, that will be released on an album called Staying Alive in a Country Industrialized. What can you tell me about that so far?

We have just finished recording it. Starting today i will record the vocals and harmonica parts. Former member Tina Bergström will also appear on vocals. The album will consist of 9 songs. Four of the members from the CCC-album have left the band, so only me and drummer Per are still in the band, along with two new members, Sebastian on guitar and Karl on bass.
I think it's probably our most up-tempo album. Songs are shorter and more energetic. The sound is not as grand as before. no keyboards on this one.

Generally what did you do in that time besides writing lovely songs?

We study and work. Me, i'm studying to become a teacher!

You had gigs on different events from pop to gothic. What have been the most impressing live concert moments you had so far?

Funny thing is, the best ones have been with the new line-up, since for the first time the audience can hear my voice and even the words properly. The lyrics are not meant to be obscured. So the gigs we've had the last couple of years have been the most satisfying. Unfortunately the live gigs are few and far between since we have no booking agency.

And are there any plans for presenting all the new material on stage in the next time?

We're always far ahead live compared to our releases. what we're playing live today will probably end up on albums two years from now. There is very little chance we will play more than one song from CCC live today. So, yes we definitely play our latest material live.

Besides the reactions on The Search For Connection Contact And Community and the working on the upcoming album, what are you looking forward to in the next months?

Someone uploading a cover of a Search-song on youtube! That would be a first.

And what would you like to tell your fans, especially here in Germany, right now at this moment?

We are very glad that there is a fanbase in Germany, and we would love to come and play for you guys. Or maybe it's more convenient for everybody if you all came to Sweden.


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04.10.2011 by Otti

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